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GTA5 Modded Account PS5


💸Money: 7.8 Billion

🌐Rank: 7980

👔Modded Outfits: 7

📈Max Stats

☠️Modded K/D

🏃Fast Run


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🌴 Information

The Ultimate Advantage In GTA5. This account is loaded with everything you need to stay ahead of the rest. Enough money to last forever, rank so you show the others who is boss, and outfits so you do it all with style. For the same price of 10mill you get 7.8billion and the whole game completed.

🛒 What you get after purchasing

  • Instant delivery of PSN login details
  • 24/7 Support

🔑 How To Sign In

1. You will receive your login in an email immediately after purchase as well as on the accounts page on our site

2. Go on your PS5 and sign in using the info provided if prompted for a verification code simply login to Outlook with the same details and the code will be in there

3. You are able to change all the info to your own if you need assistance just open a support ticket in our discord server


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